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Phillip, CCWS default

Yes, that is a bear in a Skid tee

Posted by lesword on 2007.11.08 at 14:15
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...with a green-and-gold scarf, even. His name is Phillip, and my mama knit (knitted?) him for me.

So college is scary, right? Especially when for someone who's going to school in a part of the country that she's never really been to before. Especially for someone who had a super-super hard time being away from home when she went to camp for three weeks, even though she was there with a friend, and it's not like that was forever ago, either, I mean, I was sixteen. Atlanta is *two days* away by car, and I'm pretty sure I have to make at least one connection by plane to get back home. I sort of though college was going to turn out to be way too much for me, and I'd end up moving back home for the rest of my life, or at least transferring to a school in Atlanta. What was I thinking?

(Yeah, moonlinnet , I never told you or anyone else any of that. Feel privileged.)

Now that I'm actually here, though, it's sort of a relief. The first few days were tough, what with the not knowing anyone and the where are my classes and wow, I'm really, really not in the South anymore and the wait, you mean I have to share a room with two other people now? But being so far away from home sort of forces you to grow up. I mean, I'm all by myself up here, in this very cold (and snowy, soon enough) place called New York. It's an experience that is half terrifying, half liberating. It's up to me to get to know people, to figure out how to get around, to keep track of my money, to get done what I need to do. (And what I need to do right now is go steal some of those oatmeal raisin cookies from the dining hall. Mmm.) 

But I still miss home, and all the people who are a part of home.Collapse )

I finished on October 19th, a month and two days after I got the damn thing (sorry for being a slowby, moonlinnet).  You already know from her post that MB HS BN RCVD and that she is working on it with four apparently difficult yarns...can't wait to see how this turns out.

And now, seriously, I'm going to go steal as many oatmeal raisin cookies as I can fit into my purse.

The yarn stuffCollapse )


Posted by moonlinnet on 2007.11.08 at 00:15
So I had no clue where to start this post. lesword gave me the wise yet somehow simultaneously stunningly unhelpful advice to start with how I didn't know how to start this post, so that's what I did and I got this.

 You've never led me right yet, lesword my dear.

So I finally decided to do some serious, in-depth research, you know, to introduce this project of ours, and according to Facebook the idea originated on July 31st 2007 when lesword cryptically told me, "I have an idea. A BRILLIANT ONE. Also, when can we hang out?"

Facebook is from then on unclear about what this brilliant idea actually was. More cryptic wall posts are exchanged. References to emails are made, Harry Potter 7 comes out and is discussed, a clue is given when we discuss needle prices, and as the ball seems to get rolling (hahahaha) on the mystery project (often referred to as MB, oooh, the secrecy) we start to use MORE CAPS and LSS VWLS (read it quickly) and things just generally went downhill from there, in terms of comprehensibility, anyway.

That is pretty  much all our trusty Facebook had to offer on the subject, until VOILA!
This masterpiece was created.Collapse )

The subject of all the talk about SRS BSNS and YRN SRCH COMNG ALONG WLL and MB HS BN DSPTCHD, CHCK ML RGLRLY is explained when (after a week of worried post-box searching on the part of lesword in New York and threatening annihilation of the entire US Postal Service should something happen to our precious project on the part of me) lesword finally receives that very first (but far from last) strip of wonder from Georgia.

Though Facebook has no record of it, it is reported that we planned to record in this blog our experience, so here I go. But before I do that, I want to put this here as a reminder to me and lesword and anyone else who might end up reading this (my flist, I'm looking at you): in my opinion, no matter how we know a person or where we live, we kind of owe something to the people who make us laugh. We also owe it to ourselves to keep that relationship together somehow. lesword makes me laugh every single day even though we're now on opposite sides of the country, and because that's worth something to us, we're making a blanket.

 I'm not sure what the point of that was, but I just wanted to put that out there, if only for the purpose of going back to remember my purpose next time ALL FOUR of the yarns I'm currently knitting get tangled AGAIN and I need a little stimulation. (and that's all the clue you're getting about the yarn I'm using, oh lesword mine.)

and so we cast off! (or on, as it were)Collapse )



Posted by moonlinnet on 2009.11.08 at 00:01
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In May 2007, we graduated from high school together. In August 2007, we entered two very different colleges in two very different parts of the country. During the summer between these two big, important, kinda-sorta-life-changing events, we came up with an idea: to knit a blanket together, sending it back and forth from Georgia to New York along with notes and good wishes.

Why are we doing this?

When you're a senior in high school, you get told a lot of things: how to write your essay, various peoples' theories on whether the essay or SAT/ACT scores are more important, the merits of the Common Application, what sort of questions to ask on college tours, and, as depressing as it is, that you're probably going to forget about your high school friends when you start meeting people at college. We're not exactly setting out to disprove this idea, but we do want to make sure that this isn't what happens to us--and what better way to stay connected than with yarn?